Kontalk 4.0.0-beta4 - New icon for 2017!

This topic is closed. Latest beta here.

I’m not releasing a little bit too often, am I? :blush:

This is mainly a bugfix release, the major new thing is the new app icon designed by @Iconprojet. Enjoy!

Changelog and release details here:

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Found some regressions, unfortunately… :frowning: Go to Github issues.

Good news, the beta’s (up to v3) are now available on f-droid! No beta4 yet, but it should land soon.


I’m using beta 4 obtained from F-droid on my Nexus 5x with Android 7.1. It works well, no crash so far. It looks good. Of course I cannot test the group chat as I have only one user in the Kontalk contact list :disappointed: … But in any case Kontalk works well.

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All the more reason for spreading Kontalk to your family and friends :stuck_out_tongue: