Kontalk 4.0.0-beta3 - Sticky conversations

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Another beta for our group chat users.
This release features also a couple of little enhancements and a new feature: sticky (favorite) conversations! Just long press on a conversation and click the star in the toolbar and the conversation will always stay at the first place, so you can immediately reach the most used chats.

Thanks to @a.cappelli87 for his touch in the group chat user selection screen. I hope this can mark the beginning of a new engagement era for him in the project once again!

More details on the release here:

Note to F-Droid users: sorry folks, they didn’t fix the issue yet… :sob: they said it’ll be fixed soon.

@a.cappelli87 Great to see you back again :grinning:

@webratte I am also happy to be back! Thanks!! :wink: