Poll: Old Icon vs. New Icon

Old icon:

New Icon:

  • Old Icon
  • New Icon

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I voted new icon. The reason for this is that I’ve used Kontalk a lot since the Kontalk 2 days and have spent a lot of times with both icons, and the new icon looks more consistent with other app icons under material design.


I voted for the old icon, because the colour looks fresh and clean, the new one seems to be pulled through mud.

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I voted new icon because I like it.

And I like Kontalk too, to listen to the users and make polls like this possible.

This is democracy :+1:

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The logo as favicon looks not so good. Reason: the logo has a space around (why?) and the edge of the real (blurr) icon goes to transparency. Here is the upscaled favicon (top left) and the new logo (top rigth) and (it’s little more work) the old logo (bottom left) and the same logo without space. All graphic-borders are edge on edge to demonstrate the space.

And two more icons: the old logo with the size 32x32 and 16x16:

  • - - without space around and just for fun. The latter could be the favicon …


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These problems could be easily solved using proper favicon sizes (which is probably my fault when I built the final PNG) and removing the edge (which is also kind of a mistake inherited from the Android app icon).

i don’t think that the new icon looks more consistent with material design, as the green is not a solid color! It’s rather two different shades of green alternating, and that’s why I think the old icon is better suited as I also think that the icon should be consistent with material design.

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Am not sure what material design guidelines include, can somebody summarize them in relation to the kontalk icon?

Who designed this @daniele_athome? It would be nice to hear from the designer(s) themselves explaining their thinking before deciding.

I think that ideal shade of colors for me would fall somewhere between the very bright of the old icon and the darkness of the new. And am not sure about that black line on the new one, even though I don’t like the thickness of the white lines on the first one. :smirk: We need to mix them into a new icon! :stuck_out_tongue:

As you can see I haven’t decided yet. Too many fine details in the way!