New-er Kontalk icon

Continuing the discussion from here, i designed a prototype of a new Kontalk icon. I tried to make a compromise between the old and the new icon, in terms of the colours as well as the white lines, which are now a bit thinner than in the one icon. Unfortunately, I do not have photoshop, so I made this with OpenOffice Draw. I didn’t manage to get the left edges round, but I think it looks pretty ok-ish for a first prototype :slight_smile:

Upper left: 0ac3ec
Lower left: 3aa0dc
Right: 6ebe5a

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No need for Photoshop! Never heard of Gimp?

The Logo created by you: it would be nice, if you set the old one side by side to that, so it is easier to compare. I do that for you:

Made with Gimp :wink:

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Yes, I know Gimp. And I also know why I don’t like it. I has an interface about as easy to use as an airplane cockpit :unamused:
But let’s keep the discussion about the logo :slight_smile:

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I like the logo, but I’d have used Inkscape. :wink: Since we keep talking about the methods of logo making, your actual logo can’t be so bad! :wink:

PS.: The :copyright: symbol is not very welcome in the open source community. Better go for a Creative Commons license:

Gimp’s interface isn’t that complicated, if you’d just take half an hour, an input image and just tried every function you can find you’d learn very fast. Also, in my opinion, Photoshop’s interface is at least as complicated as Gimp’s one. I think an airplane cockpit is still way easier than one of a space shuttle.

P.S.: If you don’t need some functions you can just make them invisible in the settings.

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A very fine feature!
@Stanzi: if you get 3 Windows at Gimp-start, find the menu-entry: “one window” …


This is the ultimate icon I made hope you like it :wink:


Very sarcastic :joy:

Very nice! Thanks!

If you people didn’t know him, meet @Iconprojet, the author of the current Kontalk icon.


@Iconprojet Why not introduce yourself here: :slight_smile:

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@Iconprojet Simply fantastic!

Guys what you think ?

For me it looks like a Facebook pacman eats the Convesations app :smile:


Too many Google apps on your phone! :wink:

It looks good! My only thought is: Is it too shiny? All other apps are going towards flat design.

And it looks a bit smaller than the Allo-icon. As if it wouldn’t make use of all the available space.

@OffifialMITX Oh, it’s a reference to Conversations? I’d rather have it eat a walled-garden chat app (Whatsapp, Signal, etc.).


Same, it looks rather… weird to me.

Yes, @Stefan , because of the 3 points, I’d also like it better in the material design.

OK, it seems not to be a joke.
I thougth it was only @Iconprojet 's ironic answer to the current discussion about the current Kontalk icon…

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The idea was actually the message balloon coming out of the K… :grin:
And no, it’s not a joke, it’s the actual proposal for the new icon.

I have to agree with @OffifialMITX
It looks like Kontalk is eating Conversations :wink:

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Absolutely no reference to Conversations, it’s pure chance because the green balloon “being eaten” is actually the green part of the old icon, that’s all.