Official F-Droid repository ("basic" version)


I’ve published a quick and dirty F-Droid repository where I’ll be uploading all versions of Kontalk for the “basic” version (I still have to find a way to publish both versions - if it’s even possible, I’ll keep you updated here).
Packages are signed with the Google Play key so they’re not compatible with the F-Droid official build - that is, you can’t update the F-Droid version with these ones.

This is for the impatients who doesn’t want to wait for F-Droid to update their repo :stuck_out_tongue:

Add a new repository and use this URL:

It will say “Unsigned” at first, don’t worry, let it update everything and you will find the latest Kontalk release.

Kontalk 4.1.1 - new emoji set
Kontalk 4.1.0 - Location sharing and much more

Good news for the impatient! =) Do consider adding it to this list on


Mmm, clicking on the link “” results in error code 404. It seems that the file is not available anymore…


The URL is not supposed to be opened from a browser. It should be used on F-Droid only.
I’ll put an index page in the repo folder stating that.


Ah! I see it now…, sorry, I understood it completely wrong :confused:. Within F-Droid I added the link to the sources, or repositories. So far so good. Now waiting for the update of Kontalk which still has not arrived. Or should I remove the “old” Kontalk first to make the way for the newly added repository free?


Unfortunately yes, because of different signatures. You either always use the F-Droid version or our repo version.


Understood. I replaced the “old” Kontalk" by the repo version, it went smooth. Thank you, also for your patience! It was my first time that I used the F-Droid possibility of adding repositories.