Kontalk 4.1.1 - new emoji set

Hey there dear fellows! Today this new release features some new stuff, beginning with a new emoji set and keyboard announced a few days ago, using the EmojiOne set with 2000+ emojis.

New emoji set by EmojiOne

Thanks to @vanniktech for wrapping the emoji set into a beautiful library with a wonderful emoji keyboard.

Dropping support for Android < 4.0.3

I’m sorry Android 2.3 users, but with this version we officially drop support for Android 2.3, 3.x and 4.0. All other Android versions starting from 4.0.3 are supported. Maintenance was becoming too expensive, we had to do it at some point.

Secure private key transfer

Another new important feature is secure private key transfer. With this feature you can transfer your personal key (and your account as a matter of fact) from your device to another device of yours (e.g. from phone to tablet, or from old phone to new phone, or whatever). This is also a first step towards an easier account import process in the desktop client. You may follow @abika’s progress on the relevant issue.
The account transfer process is supereasy now thanks to the QR code that can be shot using the camera on the other device you want to register. Here are some screenshots:

Contact information screen

When you click on the toolbar in a conversation screen, a new contact info window will pop up:


Here you will be able to see your contact’s number, fingerprint and user ID (for use on another XMPP account). You can also change the trust status of the contact’s personal key. The call button will place a direct phone call to the contact.
You can always reach the Android contact screen by clicking on the avatar picture.


The complete changelog is in the release tag.

F-Droid releases are still stopped so you’ll probably skip 4.1.0 entirely. Sorry for that, out of my control. But you can still use our F-Droid repository which is always up to date.

This release also updates the internal contact database so you might see user ID codes (numbers and letters instead of contact names) for a short time. It will update after a few seconds. If not, you can refresh the contact list from the new message icon > New chat > menu > Refresh.



A nice Emoji set :smiley:
But it’s to bad, no vomiting emoji… :scream: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still, the german Play store listing is ready for upload.

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Thanks, just updated! Also for Russian.

An update and a heads-up: 4.1.1 is now available in F-Droid, but in my case it is suffering from the ugly boot loop bug:

Hopefully this will be fixed in future releases.

I found out that the problem can be worked around if we use a specific build tools version in the build process. Next release will feature that. Sorry for the trouble!

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The updated emoticon sets comes with a new emoticon “keyboard”?

With the last version on Alien Dalvik on SailfishOS clicking on emoticons button near input box the SailfishOS keyboard is invoked, which cover the emoticons selections…
Older version was working as expected.
My android-fu is too weak to understand why this is happening…

It is not actually a “keyboard” per-se, I used that word to help people understand better.

Would you mind opening an issue upstream? Please include as many details as possible (especially OS version and device model, since your situation is very peculiar) and screenshots if needed. Thanks!

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I have the feeling that my problem is related to your issue

Maybe. Feel free to add a comment about that on the issue.