New download button for the desktop client

I gave my best to create a button for the main page (more or less) in the style of GET IT ON Google Play for the desktop client.


Very nice thank you! Can I use it on Under what license?

Yes of course, that’s what it was thought to. You (or everyone else) may use it under the CC license without giving any credits.

Just a question.
Is it allowed to use the Windows and Apple Logo without the © or ® sign?

Just to be safe.

Isn’t it enough to put a footnote in the page stating that “the microsoft logo is a trademark of bla bla”?

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Maybe, you’re right, but I’ve never seen something like this before.

I also think it’s enough to put a one lineer into the footer like @daniele_athome said.
This is a non profit procect and MS will not be to angry.

But Apple
I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:

Which of the 7 Creative Commons licenses?

I’ve read about it, the CC0 license, of course.

Just uploaded!

Thanks again @OffifialMITX.

Sure, no problem, @daniele_athome.

I’ve got an idea, maybe we should use JS and make only the OS specific download option and “alternative downloads”?

I could make a button for each system, this wouldn’t be too complucated.

It’s missing in the lower part of the page (above the dark grey footer). At the top it looks great though!

The java client is platform independent, isn’t it?

Of course, but if you choose an OS you actually like it, and then you may not want to see any other OS logo. Especially the apple users.

Sorry, I forgot to add that. Just fixed it.

No need thanks, we are planning to redesign the website anyway.

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I don’t think that the new button in the footer is a good Idea because everyone who wants it will do it on the top anyway

but if someone is new to Kontalk and scrolls down to read everything and then wants to try it on the computer first

he will be immediately discussed as long as registrations are only allowed trough the mobile device.

I’ve redesigned the button a little because the Windows’s logo’s perspective actually forces me to.

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I’ve uploaded it to the website. I believe a greater inner padding would help feeling more like the other two buttons, don’t you think? However I’m unsure about the penguin since its bottom begins with the outside border…

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What about ?

I meant more padding for all 3 logos. Try to see it along with the other buttons: the other two have a lot of padding because they have text inside, nevertheless the third seems somewhat “unsound” because of the smaller padding, you know what I mean?