New download button for the desktop client

Oh, I see, well the perheaps I should just make an image with a laptop and write GET IT FOR Your PC ? I also can make a greater padding if you like this design. Or I’ll just make both and you can decide when it’s ready.

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Here’s the first one, the other is coming soon.


Well, seems that it’s not comming that soon. Does somebody know what font is used in the original button? I’ve tried it with Roboto but that’s nit it.

I believe you can find the font used in the F-Droid button in their repository: (there should be svgs)

I’m sorry but that’s not what I’m looking for, if you take a look you’ll notice that this isn’t even the badge you used for the website



Edit: It seems like Google does anything to not let other people get this font, in the original svg the letters are separate objects and I couldn’t find it on Google Fonts. I will try to see how to reproduce it as realistic as possible.

In the meantime, I’ve uploaded your latest button on Thanks!