Kontalk test server

Recovered from the old Google group post

Hello people!
I’m glad to announce the new Kontalk test server! The server will
always host the latest master branch of the server code and can be
used with test clients or whatever you want. For now the following
components are NOT enabled:

  • push notifications
  • file upload
  • XMPP federation

Registration is based on the same principles of the production server
(that is, phone number verification is real), but if you need an
ad-hoc account you can ask here, we can provide you with a personal
key pack for any phone number. Of course the test server instance is
completely isolated (as in communication) from the production
instance, although they run on the same operating system.

Now the pointers:

XMPP service name: prime.kontalk.net
Host name: zeta.kontalk.net
XMPP plain port: 7222
XMPP SSL port: 7223

For Android clients, you may use this string in “Manual server
address” preference (remember to check “Accept any SSL certificate” first):


See you soon for group chat updates.