Kontalk 4.1.0 - Location sharing and much more

After four betas, here is the final release:

From the latest beta, this is mainly a bugfix release plus a few minor additions (details in the changelog).
One particular new feature is the ability to enable a foreground service notification to keep Kontalk running even when low on resources, after a user reported this problem. Although having a sticky notification while Kontalk is running is not the best way, the Android platform is forcing us to do so when running low on resources.

The release it’s already on its way on Google Play and will be on F-Droid after the usual 24/48 hours.

What’s next?

As many of you might have seen, the time I can dedicate on Kontalk has greatly diminished due to life and work stuff that is keeping me busy. But fear not! I just have to find a way to work around that :thinking:

Since the milestone model didn’t work, I want to try something else. I’ll drop all the milestones and follow these simple rules:

  • pick one or more issues and implement/fix them (assiging priority based on what users would like to see as much as possible)
  • release often (I will be automating stuff like crazy because I want to spend like 5min at most to make a release)

This means that at any point, whatever I or others will have implemented (with a certain degree of stability of course), a release will happen, incrementing major, minor or revision numbers as needed. This should ensure a good level of improvements and rapid release/test cycles.

More news will follow in other threads, I went enough off-topic already :slight_smile:


Update to F-Droid users: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/merge_requests/2618#note_45796299

API 27 SDK was added in fdroidserver@156fbcc3, but buildserver has not been re-provisioned yet.

Sorry guys, you’ll have to wait…

I’d like to remind you that if you have previously installed the version built (and signed) by us, you may use our F-Droid repository which is always updated on the day of the release.