Kontalk 4.0.4 - a bunch of new stuff!

Guys, this release is big. At least for Kontalk standards :slight_smile: the changelog is very long so I don’t want to be in the way:


  • Reply directly from notification (#774)
  • Improve notifications (#774)
  • Receive any type of file (#697)
  • Show max time of recording (#932)
  • Image thumbnails respects original image ratio (#662)
  • Show up to three line of preview for unread conversations (#888)
  • Listen audio messages from phone speaker (#858)
  • Direct share (#820)
  • Support for Doze mode (#1030)


  • Duck music when playing audio messages (#967)
  • Handle no SIM card scenario (#998)
  • Fix exchange images with other XMPP clients (#861)
  • Workaround Android bug in encryption (#972)
  • Fix clock sync issues (#813)
  • Fix photo orientation issue (#927)
  • Fix crash when deleting messages (#1005)
  • Fix crash during search (#1011)

This version features integration with our new registration provider, https://JMP.Chat, for which we’re having a beta test on our test instance (that is, it is not installed on the production server yet, but will be soon). One more time I want to thank the guys at JMP.Chat, especially @ossguy which was very kind and helpful in the whole integration process.

F-Droid version will follow in a day or two as usual. And as always, you’re encouraged to open issues on GitHub or discuss them here in the support category.

Next version (bearing hotfix releases) will have location sharing by @a.cappelli87. And I believe this deserves incrementing the minor version, so expect a 4.1.0…