Kontalk 101 and usage of cell numbers


Hello! So I just downloaded Kontalk from F-droid (t.y!), registered and all. However, I’m quite uneasy about letting this app access my contact list, as I’m not sure if this list will or will not be uploaded to any server along the way.

I tried searching on the net and did not find any information about this topic.

Given very little info on the website, here’s a simple question: will my contact list be uploaded to Kontalk servers if I use Kontalk and give it the right permissions?

Also, why not let the user type in Kontalk ID, when the user does not want to give access to the contract list?

Thanks and I’m looking forward to converting half of my family and friends to this messenger!


Hi and welcome to the Kontalk community!

Some answers you will find in the KPN privacy policy. I probably should make a visible link in the home page too, sorry :slight_smile:

About using Kontalk ID: yes you could, but the feature isn’t implemented in the app yet. It’s been tracked with this issue.

I hope I answered all your questions, feel free to ask anything.


Awesome, thank you for the clarification. Also, function of entering the kontalk ID manually would be a definite step up in privacy protection and overall security. The reasons are obvious.

A side note: I noticed a topic about what’s holding back kontalk. IMO (subjective) it’s the website, among other things.

Kontalk has many features and talking points, yet only three are listed on the main page. Battlesheet, comparison chart, clear privacy policy, about devs and mission statement, more sceenshots–would definitely make a difference. When I reached kontalk website for the first time, I got the impression that the project is defunct or abandoned.


That is some good feedback, thanks! I completely agree on the website, have a look at this thread I started a while ago:

Unfortunately nothing solid has come out of it. Perhaps you have the skills and are interested to help us? :smiley:


Just sent you a priv msg. Lemme know!