Feature Request - ShortcutBadger


I just found this:

I think it’s not that important. But still an “nice to have”.
Would this be easy to implement? In this case it would be great to see it in a upcoming version :+1:

OMEMO encryption to the next milestone?

That’s a nice thing to have and very quick to implement actually!

There was an opened issue already by the way. I’ll put in the next version. Nice finding @webratte, thanks!


Hi @daniele_athome
what do you think?
Will you implement https://forum.kontalk.org/t/feature-request-shortcutbadger/533 before yiu release Version 4.1.7 ?

It would be great. Espacially because you said it’s not so hard to implement :grinning:

OMEMO encryption to the next milestone?

Sure! It’ll be difficult to test because it requires OEM-specific launchers in some cases (I can only test launchers available on Google Play)… you own a Huawei device right? May I send you a test apk?


Of course. You can send me a APK.
I can update my current Playstore version I suppose?!

I also have a old Sony phone and a very old HTC phone with very low memory.

So I can also test it on this phones.
Even the memory issue with the new emoji set.


Did it!
I don’t have the Google Play keystore with me now so I’ll produce an APK when I get back home.

You can update it over your Play Store version and then continue to update it normally through Play Store.

The new emoji set is not really ready yet, but they are working on it.


OK, that sounds great.
It seems the emoji guys are on a good way (hopefully :grinning:)

I’m now at home. I’m ready for testing the shortcutBadger.


Sorry @webratte, I had some problems yesterday and I couldn’t do it. Here is the apk:

You can install it over your existing installation. Please note that this version features a lot of new things, among them: new Smack version, new key trust model, migration to FCM for push notifications and a lot of bug fixes. So you’ll be testing almost everything eheheh

Depending on your feedback @webratte, I believe a public beta will follow this weekend.

Thank you!

P.S. Of course the apk is available to anyone having installed Kontalk from Google Play (sorry F-Droid users, it’s a technical limitation beyond me).


Hi @daniele_athome
I just did a fast test.

On my Huawei the works fine.

Of course I will do some more tests and report if I find issues.

Also on my old phones.


I just tested the ShortcutBadger on my old Sony Xperia (?) E2303 Android 6.0.1 and it works

On my HTC Desire X Android 4.1.1 it dosn’t work (only tested the ShortcutBadger).

More tests will follow.

Thank you very much.


I don’t understand. The whole app doesn’t work or just the ShortcutBadger?


Just the just the ShortcutBadger.
All other works :+1:


Will you please try this tool?

It will allow you to do some checks on the ShortcutBadger library (the app is from the library’s author) so we can help him fix it. I don’t know how much it will report, but let’s see what we can do.


Yes, I will try it this evening if I’m at Home.


This App dosn’t work with my old HTC.

Maybe people who use old phones like this should buy a new one :joy:


ShortcutBadger is a best effort anyway. I’ll go ahead with it and release a beta anyway. Thanks for your help!


That’s in my own interest :wink: