Exporting the private key without access to the Android app

Hi everybody,

since I cannot access my Kontalk installation at the moment (it crashes), I’d like to find a way to export my private key without access to the app so that I can reinstall it. I understand that the key is not stored anywhere on the phone, but kept save in the account manager of Android. Is that correct? If so, is there a way to get hold of that key?

PS.: Maybe there should be sub-categories for different clients (e.g. desktop, Android, etc.).

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what about install the current Alpha version?
There it should be fixed. Take a look to the issue you have linked in your post.
If you don’t like install Alphas you just can wait for the next public Beta. Coming very soon I suppose.

I’m running the latest alpha8 and I don’t have a build system set up, so I can’t build the app from source with the fix commit.

Sorry, I thought it’s already fixed in current Alpha.

Hey there! Here is a super-secret debug version of the beta1 that will be published on all beta channels around December 4th:

It has that crash fixed plus some other minor fixes, especially for tablets. It will probably change once more before reaching Play Store/F-Droid, but for now you can use this and then upgrade again when the time will come.


Replying to your question: no, there is currently no way to take it out but from the app, sorry.

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Great, Kontalk doesn’t crash anymore! :smiley: I feel special now. Thank you for sharing this build with us here on the forum! :smiley:


Can I have the F-Droid-version of the super-secret-beta? :wink:

I’m sorry there is no such thing as a F-Droid version now: they build the packages and until 4.0.0-beta1 is out, there will be no F-Droid package :cry:

But the “basic” Alpha versions were also not available via F-Droid and worked for me. Isn’t there a basic version?

The only difference is that the Google-Play version connects to Crashlytics, if I’m not mistaken. See here for more info:

If you want the F-Droid version when Kontalk 4 is released, you’ll have to uninstall the alpha either way because of the different signatures.

PS.: This is getting pretty off-topic… :sweat_smile:

Don’t tell anyone… :innocent:


Note: if you have the F-Droid version you’ll have to uninstall it first, and then do the same if you want the F-Droid version again.


It wasn’t necessary to uninstall it first, I could directly install :slight_smile: And I won’t tell anyone :wink:

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