[PREVIEW] Kontalk for Android 4.0.0-beta1 preview

I got another preview for you, after fixing several bugs @Stefan reported (thanks!!):

[beta public release in progress, links to debug versions no longer available]

Let’s make this rock-stable for Dec 4th!! :slight_smile:


Just published another preview (212), same URLs as in the original post.

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What is the difference between those ?

Some bugs fixed in the last two days:

Mainly concerning group chats.

between those?
Some characters more …(for this post to work)

I tried to install each app over the present 3.1.10 as update. Not possible! Ok.
deinstalled the present version, installed the first, installation was ok. Connection with network account was not possible. I have already an account and tried to connect with both ways: SMS-code was rejected, Sheffield was most times not reachable but once: verifying was not possible. Same with the second app.

I installed the F-droid-version 3.1.10 again and verifying the number was childs-play (normal).

The first version is without all google Services for release in F-Droid.

The second version used Google Services and will become the official version for release in Google Playstore.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Sorry for my bad english. I hope you still understand what I mean.

If you use F-Droid version See also this post:

??? I don’t know, what you mean, IMHO your english is good!


Please note that the release version has some checks and polishing that are not included in the debug version, such as phone number check, therefore if you don’t input the correct international format of your phone number during registration, the system will fail silently. It depends on your country, however usually the first zero in the national part must be removed.

Be careful when you register your account over your previous one: for security reasons, if you don’t import your old personal key, all chat permissions with your previous buddies will be reset.

OK, thank’s for the info.