Coming soon: new Emoji set!

Just a sneak peek of one of the new things for the next version…

I lost count of how many new emojis are included in this package :star_struck:
The emoji set is called EmojiOne. Thanks to @vanniktech for wrapping the emoji set into a beautiful library.


If we talk about this Version:
there is a spewing emoji :joy:

AFAIK WhatsApp is still missing this often requested Emoji :yum:

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I just made a build with all emoji sets included and a user preference to switch.
But there are several points I need your opinion for:

  • apk size increases from 9.2 MB to 21.2MB: I remember a discussion about country flags some years ago, in the end they were removed for size reasons. Or was it for RAM reasons?
  • switching emojiset still needs a Kontalk restart (can be fixed)
  • what about licenses? can iOS emojis be used without problems? Or the other ones - excluding EmojiOne?
  • Is there enough difference between the providers to justify shipping all of them? (see screenshots for comparison)

I really like the new EmojiOne set :crazy_face:

That’s quite an increase :slight_smile:
For the flags, it was for RAM reasons.

I don’t see that much difference between all the providers.

Anyway, if you really want multiple sets, we need to take the plugin road. Separate apks to be installed for different sets, with only a default one included in the app itself (EmojiOne in this case). However, there is currently no infrastructure in the app to support something like that (I don’t have any idea on how to do it… yet). Do you feel like investigating about this?

just doubled :grin:
That’s the main reason to terminate this feature, I totally agree with you.

Yeah, I also thought about this. From the screenshots it doesn’t look like they’re totally different…

Well, I think there are more important things to do. And more easier ones :wink:

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Soy ignorante del tema. Pero pregunto ¿es posible agregar al kontalk en mi celular, emociones o dibujos que uno mismo diseñe o obtenga por otro medio? algo así como insertar emociones aparte de las que ya están determinadas por el kontalk.

I’m ignorant of the subject. But I ask, is it possible to add to the kontalk on my cell phone, emotions or drawings that one designs or obtains by other means? Something like inserting emotions apart from those that are already determined by the kontalk.
Thank yo

it is not possible not natively in the app, but you can use a 3rd party app to draw and then share it with Kontalk.

This app integrates with Kontalk (or any other app FWIW) through the camera button (attach > camera)
The app is also available on F-Droid by the way.

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