Can I contribute to Kontalk development even though I am not a programmer?

Hey fellow Kontalkers!

I want to contribute to the development of Kontalk, so that it moves forward more quickly. Unfortunately, I do not have any programming skills besides MIT App inventor which is based on Scratch and therefore not helping if you want to do anything seriously. However, maybe I can do some little annoying things for you that have to be done and are not difficult, but only time-consuming.
I also am interested in improving the design of the app, but I think this has to be done with coding, so I’m not capable of this.

I’m looking forward to helping you! :slight_smile:

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For design, you can always create images of how you think the design could look, so the community could discuss it and a developer could implement it. Other common ways to contribute are translating on Weblate, reporting bugs on GitHub (or seeing if you can find small issues you could perhaps fix), donating, rating the app on Google Play (or another app store) or simply telling your friends about Kontalk :slight_smile:


I would also add: investigating use/adjustment of XEPs for Kontalk and integrating extensions documentation, helping to build a Debian package for the server-side software, improve the Google Play Store listing (especially the screenshots which are photo-less and don’t fully showcase the app :blush:).
Although some of them are technical tasks, they often don’t require strict knowledge of programming, they rather require technical knowledge of protocols and procedures.

Am always excited to see people with this spirit. @Stanzi fwiw, I don’t know how to write a single line of code, yet I have been contributing to open source projects for 5 years now from a variety of positions.
Translation, documentation and sharing the word are always important and do not underestimate how helpful it can be contributing to these.

Some additional ways I can think of:

  • Support other users on the forum.
  • Populate the wiki with relevant information, tutorials, configuration explanations etc. You can even update the ‘contribute’ section to include all these information! :wink:
  • Test bugs and provide feedback.
  • Create short videos and/or gifs which preview features, explain configuration, or simple things how to export a key when you get a new phone.
  • Suggest ideas or mock-ups to improve Kontalk in terms of usability and design.
  • Make suggestions on how to grow the community and reach out to more people.
  • Create a package for Desktop client for the Linux distribution you might use.

In the end it really comes down to what you enjoy doing, so you do not get tired of the process and stay motivated by the challenge. To me, you are already helping by caring enough to start this thread! :+1:

Can I translate the Wiki to German? I found some (not major) typos and I want to fix them :slight_smile:

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Of course you can. Wiki editing is open to anyone.
Please don’t translate technical pages (the ones under “Internals” section) and “Development rules”. Those should remain in English only.

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Wow. Seems that Git Hub doesn’t like me. I just signed up, wanted to improve the translation and now my profile is locked because GitHub thinks that I’m a bot. :unamused:

Try to contact them, they will surely help you:

I just wrote to the support as the message told me…

if you want to test alpha8… I have similar situation like you: not a programmer and want to help… and one way to help is testing new groups functionallity of kontalk alpha 8

isn’t it @daniele_athome ?

Of course @lupa18! As a matter of fact, I’ve published a beta1 preview version right here:

Although it’s already old (I’ve fixed a couple more bugs yesterday and today), it’s close enough to the latest master. I’ll publish another one later this evening.

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