Building own Kontalk Server

What’s in the jars/ directory of tigase-kontalk? By the way, from what directory are you starting the server and how?

Hi Daniele,

Here is the jars/ directory in the tigase-kontalk. And I am starting the server command as follows:

In tigase-kontalk directory, starting the server: “scripts/ start etc/tigase.conf”

Please check it and kindly help out of this issue for the solution. So, that I can work accordingly.


Something’s happening while initializing the Kyoto Cabinet library. I’m assuming the .so link file is correct and it was compiled with the same architecture (32/64 bits) as the JVM you’re using.

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Hi Daniele,

Can you please provide any links of how to install Kyoto Cabinet library. So, based on that I will try to install and set .so link file to correct path. Please let me know and waiting for your reply.


You can install the C++ library using your package manager. As for the Java library, you can use instructions inside the source package, it’s very easy to build.

After having installed that, you can create the symlink:

[based in tigase-kontalk directory]
$ cd jars
$ ln -s [location of in your system] . 

It should be as simple as that. Be careful of your CPU and Java architecture. If you have a 64-bit system, you should use 64-bit Java.