Your most interesting experience about being watched


We all know how it is with Facebook, Google, etc. For example when Facebook suddenly suggests people as friends while there shouldn’t be any possibility where it knows about the connection.

What’s your most interestin experience about it?


I guess I’ll start.

About 2-3 years ago a friend of mine have shown me a german Youtuber on her iPad while we were at HER home. Everything I had was a Nokia 100 built after Microsoft bought Nokia itself. No cam, no internet, no wifi, not even j2me or a micro sd slot.

But then. Guess what the first suggestion was the next time I have been on Youtube?

It was quite a shock for me.


Wow @OffifialMITX that’s scary :slight_smile:

I guess mine doesn’t quite reach your level. Everytime I talk on Google tools (Hangouts, GMail) about anything that can lead to a product that can be sold, I get spam e-mails about it, I get suggestions in ads… I learned that the hard way and now I use another e-mail address for important stuff and try not to use that to write to gmail or hotmail accounts.


I just had an interesting experience the other day.

We recently moved to a new place and my partner was looking for furniture from her phone. She uses a standard Android device with Google Play and everything, but she uses MaterialFBook from fdroid to join Facebook (less intrusive).

A couple of days after the move, I started getting lots of targeted furniture ads in Facebook myself, specifically from the websites she was browsing or bought stuff from.

I suppose either some FB tracker picked up our IP, or companies upload their client’s details (including IP) to FaceBook to increase their reach.