Wikipedia page "List of XMPP-Clients"

Good morning,

I have added Kontalk to the german Wikipedia page “Liste von XMPP-Clients”.

On “Unterstützte Plattformen”(supported platforms) I have some question marks because I’m not sure.

And also on “Protokollerweiterungen”(extentions) I don’t know what is needed to add.

Maybe there is someone with better technical background an can review and finish my additions.

Thank you


Supported platform : Android, maybe with minimal version number eg Android 4.x
As far as I understand the desktop client works on Linux, Mac OS and windows

Thank you,

At the moment I have no PC to do that.
And my phone has a to small display :persevere:
Maybe I can do it tonight.

Feel free to change it if you are sure.
You don’t need a Account for Wikipedia.

The desktop client should run fine on every platform that supports the Java runtime engine - at least BSD and Solaris.
However, I didn’t test it.

OK, I will add this as soon as possible.
Or what do you think?

Hmm, I will test it first. With a FreeBSD installation in a VM - when I’m in the mood…