Why is nobody asking about an Iphone port

Hello together,
as I shouldn’t post feature requests here (I think it’s important to have ios support to spread Kontalk), I’ll just ask why this question hasn’t come up already.
Don’t you think it’s important to support as many oses as possible?

thank you

Hi @Ray-Ven
I think we are all would like to see a Kontalk iOS client.
The problem is not the willing. The problem seems to be to find a iOS developer who works for free :wink:

If you know somebody who like to support this project (develop or pay a iOS developer) I’m sure everybody would be really happy. :+1:

This is not a joke or ironic. I mean it as I say it.

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This is one reason why I can’t exclusively use Kontalk. When I told a friend that I don’t use WeChat because of security issues she was very eager to switch to Kontalk but couldn’t because she has an iPhone. This excludes about half of the smartphone users from switching to Kontalk.

I’d like to be notified when Kontalk is ported to ios so that my iPhone friends can use a more secure messenger.

alright, thanks for your reply. Hopefully we’ll find someone