What to expect - Kontalk for Android 4.0.4


Hey people,
it’s been almost a month since the last release and I’d like to give you a quick preview of what’s coming. Some tiny little things but that IMHO could greatly help usability and user experience of Kontalk. Some features will only be available starting Android 6 or 7, sorry that’s the platform :slight_smile:

  • better and nicer notifications
  • direct reply (Android 7+ only)
  • direct share (Android 6+ only)
  • up to 3 lines of text are now displayed from the latest message in unread conversations in the main screen
  • show max recording time while recording audio messages
  • listen to audio messages through the phone speaker when covering the proximity sensor (i.e. bringing the phone to your ear)
  • “duck” music while playing audio messages
  • keep image ratio in thumbnails (and make them bigger)
  • accept any attachment type (incoming only)
  • improved compatibility with sending/receiving images to/from other XMPP clients (especially Conversations)
  • ask to double check your number when registering

We might increment the minor version number with this one guys… we’ll publish a beta version soon.


Does that mean that nobody can send “any attachments types”? (outgoing) What does “incoming” mean?


It means that non-Android clients can send any file attachment (e.g. Kontalk desktop client or other XMPP clients. Please note that only URL-based attachments are supported, e.g. no direct file transfer between peers) and the Android app will not discard them (like it did until version 4.0.3).


I have seen @a.cappelli87 works on location sharing👍

Is there a chance it will start with V 4.0.4?


I don’t know… maybe :slight_smile:

@a.cappelli87 will you give us a sneak peek of what’s coming when you have it? Maybe a few screenshots :heart_eyes:




It looks really nice :thumbsup:


It looks really Google. It looks really wont-work-on-a-non-Google-Apps-infected-phone. It looks really doesn’t-use-open-technology. :unamused:

On a more serious note: @a.cappelli87 Will the F-Droid version have support for OSM?


Hi @Stefan
You will be able to choose between osm and google in the play store version.
Do you have any advice to not sound like google?


Yes, post screenshots without the Google logo! :wink:


@stefan I don’t understand your Google problem.

AFAIK Android (your mobil OS) is developed by google. Isn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:


It is unfortunately developed by Google, but I chose #livingwogoogle (I have not installed any Google Apps). AOSP is at least open source.

PS.: @tetris4 replying by email still doesn’t work… :frowning2:


It is indeed, but on the Fairphone 1, which @Stefan has, you can choose to not use any G00gle services at all.
I for myself own a Fairphone 2, where you can switch to an Fairphone OpenOS (which is a open source version of Android) too and then don’t use Google-Crapps. However, I installed OpenGApps again, but restricted them with XPrivacy (FP OpenOS is pre-rooted) :wink:

But let’s stay on topic here, you can ask me via PM if you are interested :slight_smile:



location sharing would be great for my summer hollydays.
So I could show my friends where I am. Just to swagger :wink:

What do you think. Can I make them envious this summer on my motobike tour?

Or do you need some more time to finish this feature?


@webratte I think you can split your position very soon!

A little upgrade on progress!



I’m lookin forward to this feature.

Thank you very much.