Upcoming release 4.0.4 - Translation updates

Hello translators,
Version 4.0.4 is finally coming and it will soon be released to the stores.

I kindly ask you to update your Amazon and Google Play store listings (recent changes part) for your languages, respecting Google Play rules (no Amazon rules for now).

Release will happen this weekend, probably on sunday. Don’t worry if you can’t make it in time, I’ll give it a second pass update a few days after the release.

Thank you!!

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I’ve realized now that other languages recent changes text couldn’t fit within 500 characters. Therefore here is some suggestions to limit it:

  • you may change the description of some items without altering the limit
  • use abbreviation or acronyms if sufficiently clear
  • you may remove points 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 to save even more space
  • you may remove the link to the forum
  • you may remove “NEW:” prefix from the first items

Obviously use steps to verify what items you can remove to reduce it to 500 characters. Sorry for the trouble, but this release features a lot of stuff really :slight_smile:

Hi Daniele,

Was there any problem with Brazilian Portuguese translation of Google Play store listings? I started the translations yesterday night, but when I tried to continue now, there is no Brazilian Portuguese translation at all (it disappeared from languages list.

I’m sorry,
I have no time to translate it into german. Maybe there is a other
german translater who can do that.

This would be great.

The strings for the App are already translated.

Thank you

Hi @aracnus,
I’ve just added the language now, how did you manage to start translating it?

Hi, Dan. All done for Russian.

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That’s odd… Just checked there, to see if I translated the wrong language, but didn’t find anything… And I’m sure I translated it somewhere. Well, whatever… I’ll update the translation now. :slight_smile:

Brazilian Portuguese 100% translated. Sorry by the delay, but I had a very busy weekend…

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No problem @aracnus, thank you!! I’ll push the new translations to Google Play ASAP.

Greek is also done.

@daniele_athome are we supposed to report full translations here, or are they automatically picked up?

No, I have to trigger the update script manually from my computer. I need to set up something even more automated…

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Oh and thank you! :slight_smile:

My hollydays are over :frowning:

But so I could translate this to german. :wink: It’s less then 500 charters. I hope this will work.

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The original string has also been reduced, so this time it should work (I hope).
Thank you!!