Unable to find public key error


Hi there
I am having a problem to connect to one of my family members.
I had a similar problem before but then unblocking and refreshing the contacts solved the issue.
This time I can’t get it to work. I refreshed the contacts list several times with no results.
I am getting the “unable to find public key …” error with a red stripe on the bottom. This issue is only on her phone. I can chat with everyone else and so can she.
Is there a way to manually pass the public key? or any other stuff I can try?



That bug should be fixed in a public beta coming out tonight or tomorrow. You could try this though: http://astra.casaricci.it/public/Kontalk-4.1.6-next-shortcut-badgers.apk

Install it over your current installation. It’s valid only if you have previously installed it from Google Play.


Note that your friend should install the APK to fix it - you can install it too of course.


This is great thanks.
I will wait for the F-Droid release.