Unable to export personal key

Currently cannot export personal key in Android - it just cannot to save kontalk-keys.zip nowhere - no phone or smart card inside phone. Even I succeed finally with saving in Google Drive, the file comes with zero size and contains nothing. Using today’s newest version.

Same problem here.
On my Lenovo Tab 3 Yoga Android 6.0.1 tablet no SD card it’s not possible to export the key.
On my Motorola Moto E 2nd gen Android 6.0 with SD card it’s possible to export the key
Kontalk 4.1.2 (280) Play Store version on both devices

Hi to both,

Since this issue is specific and can be replicated, I suggest opening a report on github so it can be properly tracked and fixed.

Tried it again.
Key can be exported again to Google drive (14kb)
Kontalk 3.13 (290)

I guess you mean 4.1.3? :wink:

Yeah, you’re right. Just a typo :frowning: