Unable to add user to group (bug?)

I’m trying to add a person to a group I have with many other, possibly without having exchanged key (new user). I add the user, as always did, the message “Users added: …” appears but the user is not added. Nonetheless, the user told me she had been added, but for everyone else it’s not listed. No one is able to chat.

More on this issue: one of the members of the group (a different one) could not update Kontalk from google play (I don’t know why, others could and I use F-Droid) so she exported the public key and removed kontalk. Now, she is not able to import the key because android says Kontalk has not been granted the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. After this, I removed her from the group, but I had added the other user first. Now I can’t add anyone.

Why could this be? I’ve sent a log to devteam. Should I open an issue?

Hi @pamoreno Everybody have to accept everybody’s key e.G. in a 1 to 1 Chat before he/she can communicate in a group.
I know, this could be improved. But in the moment it’s the way.

I hope I could help.


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Thanks Webratte, but that I know. The issue it’s not that people can’t communicate because of (no) key exchanges. The issue is that I added users to the group but they are not shown to me (in Group Info). Talking to the users, some said that they indeed were in the group, not being able to chat, but they could read. I could not see them though. This means, also, that I wasn’t able to kick them, nor re-add them.

Thanks for your support.