Translation updates for 4.0.0 release

Hello translators,
as you might already know, on February 11th-12th version 4.0.0 will be released.
I’ve automated Google Play store listing publishing so that it will automatically take new translations and upload them when a new release is made. However only translations adhering to this rules will be updated:

  • language must have at least short and full description translated
  • title max 30 chars (Google Play limit)
  • short description max 80 chars (Google Play limit)
  • full description max 4000 chars (Google Play limit)
  • recent changes max 500 chars (Google Play limit)

I’ve setup our translation portal to check for max characters limits and a few languages did not pass the checks:

  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Russian

I ask you if you’d kindly update the faulty strings otherwise they won’t be loaded automatically to Google Play on the release date.

Also I’ve updated the recent changes string in English so you all can translate it before the release date :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your great contribution to this project.
See you on the release date!

Greek should be fixed now. If not please let me know!

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Thanks for the heads up. I had to seriously truncate recent changes to stay under 500 characters. I also have no clue what happened to the app name in Dutch.

Anyway, Dutch should be all fine now.

I was thinking of removing the link to GitHub from recent changes since it’s not clickable anyway and you have to copy-paste it to open it in your browser. And from the Google Play app on Android you can’t even select it, so I might as well remove it to save some characters.

Oh and thanks :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the tip to remove the GitHub link.
For german it was also not really possible to stay under 500 charters.

But without the link it’s fine.

BTW. the link is clickable. But I still need to save this charters.
If you like I could try to put the link in the full description (if I have space enough ;-))

Sorry I was mistaken: it’s clickable on the Android app but on the website.
Anyway I’ve removed the URL from the original string, it’s not a big deal anyway.

Another thing.
What about the Amazon store?
Should we also add the recent changes to the description there?

You’re right, totally forgot that. I’ve just copied it from English.