Transfer images is not clear

What can be the reason, if a new client does not send images? In my case it is a tablet-client which works parallel to a smartphone (same key). The images are photos from from that tablet, size 13Mpixel, 4.5Mb. The media-settings is set to 0.5MPixel.


It can happen for a number of reasons:

  • connection to the chat server failed (you shouldn’t be able to send text messages too, you might want to check that as well)
  • you’re not authorized to chat to your buddy or you didn’t accepted his/her key yet
  • encryption or compression error (e.g. no space left on device or some other I/O error)

Something should be notified anyway, via notification or toast. Can you produce a logcat otherwise so I can check it?

My brain is a little bit twisted because of your answer. On the one hand yout ell me that the reason could be a failed connection (and you didn’t tell me that I should have a smartphone with Kontalk installed) and on the other hand you ask for a logcat. What kind of user do you mean I am?

Now serious: Chat works but image-transfer not. Space is enough, key should be accepted (other wise chat would not work?)

Image-transfer works from the phone. And now?

PS: the tablet is in the moment 500km away and stays there for the next 14 days, so no logcat …

Damn I forgot to include that in the reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m assuming you are using 4.0-beta5 on the tablet. However I’m sorry but I need a logcat anyway :slight_smile:

No beta for my wife! It’s the 3.x-Version (Kontalk, not my wife!). Logcat: I will send it, but that will take a few days.

De pronto la imagen es muy grande y uno de los dos no tienes configurado el kontalk para el tamaño de la imagen, mira por configuración - Archivos multimedia - Límites de descargas automáticas, ahí aumentas del tamaño de imágenes a enviar.
Si ya sabías esto, disculpas…
Ahh y no se inglés…

Suddenly the image is very large and one of the two do not have configured the kontalk for the size of the image, look by configuration - Multimedia files - Limits of automatic downloads, there increase the size of images to send.
If you already knew this, apologies …
Ahh and I do not know English

I installed Kontalk as a try and with this version sending picture from tablet works.

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