Things that Kontalk should improve

Hi everybody! I remember when the Kontalk project was young, and did not have a forum. It has improved a lot, and recent beta releases already have group support. But there are still some things that Kontalk can improve.

Here is a list of some things to be fixed and added:

-Fix paperclip in 3" screens (in my case, a 240x320 resolution screen), when I touch it, it shows me everything in white, no icons. (see the image)

-When I do an enter, I can send a white message without characters (see the image)

-A privacy improvement by anonimizing internet connection through
Tor with Orbot (An option to enable/disable this in the privacy settings would be a good idea)

-Implement basic stuff like video and any files sending.

-Profile photo support for groups and personal account.

-Client for other mobile platforms (iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc. But maybe with an iOS client it would be fine).

There might be other thing too, and I’ll notify this issues to the developers. What other things do you think Kontalk can improve? Let’s talk about it!

P.D: How can I suggest new characteristics to the Kontalk developers? Other way that is not email?

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In general GitHub is a good place, especially on bug reports. I looked around and everything you mentioned already has a GitHub issue.

For clients for other platforms, an iOS client is in development but Kontalk has very limited developer power so frankly, don’t expect it any time soon.