Telegram-like feature: usernames

Hello guys,

How reasonable would it be to be able to tell someone a username so they can find a Kontalk user without giving the phone number? As far as I know, Telegram is the only client that does this.

EDIT: I’m aware that giving the long address will allow me to chat with other people outside Kontalk in the XMPP realm. What I meant is to be able to share usernames with other Kontalk users without giving a phone number.

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Not only Telegram :
Conversations (or any other XMPP client)
And probably a lot more

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What I don’t like about WhatsApp is that people (at least where I live) feel entitled to call or message me even though I blocked them, like “Oh, I have your number anyway, doesn’t matter if you blocked me on WhatsApp”.

This is why I liked Telegram’s approach. I can give a username and if I block somebody, they won’t bother me anymore.

If Kontalk could implement this, it’ll have my heart forever.


The phone number as JID is what Kontalk differs of other XMPP clients.
If you don’t like this feature you can use a other XMPP client like Conversations.

And one day if Kontalk supports OMEMO, users of Conversation and Kontalk (what ever they prefer, phone number or normal JID) can chat on a secure way with each other.

They can already chat with each other using PGP or OTR

No, that’s not correct.
The PGP public key exchange between Kontalk and other XMPP clients doesn’t work.

Or did you found a way to do that :wink:

And OTR is not supported yet by Kontalk.

The PGP public key exchange between Kontalk and other XMPP clients doesn’t work.

Ah, didn’t expect this

And OTR is not supported yet by Kontalk

Weird even the most ancient XMPP clients support it

Yeah, I guess I was trying to bring all features to a single app without considering how possible are they in the first place. You see, I’m not that familiar with XMPP myself, so there. I guess I’ll have to stick to XMPP usernames or use Riot to communicate when I don’t want to give personal information like my phone number.

Not really. There is no such information stored anywhere at the moment and we don’t plan to include it at least for now. The only name that can be found at the moment is the PGP key user name but that isn’t necessarily unique (it can be used as a label, but not as an identifier).

I think OTR is considered outdated these days; OMEMO is the preferred alternative. I guess that’s why Kontalk isn’t bothering with it?

An “add contact by jid or scanning qrcode” in app would be nice, if isn’t already there (I didn’t found it)
I’ve added a kontalk contact using his jid using the kontalk desktop client, which has the functionality, and everything work as it should, without giving out my phone number

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