Showcases: what to highlight?

I’ve been thinking on working on showcases but I’m not really sure on what to highlight. To understand what I’m talking about here is a screenshot:

I’d like to display some features but I’m not sure what to highlight and what take for granted:

  • the red warning bar at the bottom (“key not verified”)
  • attachment icon in a conversation
  • in a conversation, if you click the toolbar you get contact details
  • floating action button in the main screen (it seems very obvious to me, still…)

I’m kind of biased for the task because I know the app very well (I designed it…) and everything seems so easy and obvious :smile:
I would really like some of you helping me decide what to do here. Thanks!!!

I’d like the floating button to be explained, anyone I’ve shown Kontalk was wondering why thete’s no list of all your contacts on the first screen. Also the key exchange isn’t obvious if you have no practise with any encryptuon software.


Ok so:

  • on first start, auto-open the FAB and showcase it, saying something like “Use this button to create a chat” or something
  • on the first chat that the key warning is displayed, showcase the detail button saying something like “You should always verify the identity of the person you are talking to” (that’s the most concise sentence that I could think of) something to improve this? Explain something also in the contact info screen maybe?

Anything else?

To add to @OffifialMITX’s suggestion, maybe some text saying
"You will find a list of your contacts when choosing to start a chat with this button".

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