Should this forum be a support forum or something else?

Continuing the discussion from I just loaded all my anger into one E-Mail and sent it to WhatsApp :wink::

I think that for support questions there is the #support category. The above linked topic about Whatsapp anger fits well into #discussion (“Chat about topics related to Kontalk, its development and the community.”). bold by me

Of course this is only my point of view. I’d be interested what the @admins / @moderators think.

Edit: I wonder, is the #uncategorized category being used? Maybe it rather fits there. Or a “Lounge” is needed for off-topic posts.
This very topic I just opened would probably go into a #Meta category.

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I see your point. I think this should be both a discussion AND a support forum.
The “Uncategorized” category is somewhat elusive - it isn’t listed as a category, uncategorized posts must be searched for, if you know what I mean, so I’ll leave that only for offtopic discussions (such as @Stanzi’s post).

For these kind of posts instead, about the forum itself, another category would probably fits the purpose. But I don’t know if it’s too soon for that… @tetris4 what do you think?

I think there are a lot of other topics besides support. General direction of Kontalk development, server infrastructure and so on. But it should stay within this scope.

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Well that topic fits fine into Discussion fine. It is general discussion regarding the concerns of Kontalk users.

The uncategorized category cannot be removed, I just set it up to be hidden by default.

I started a category about the forum, to get feedback, suggestions and questions specific to that. I included this post.

This forum is just 2 days old, so all suggestions on how to make the most of it to serve the community’s needs are welcome!


It seems like Kontalk is not much popular. And in my opinion user support need to be in as much languages as available. Personally me can give Russian support. I have already done translation of both mobile and desktop clients.
I think that really useful thing that programmers can do is web client.

Don’t wanna create new topic for this. Please change my username from Buranek to Fohroer.

Nevertheless, just because the project is still small and doesn’t have many resources, it’ll be hard to coordinate so many people handling one language each. Still your help is very welcome when someone russian who can’t speak english comes in the forum, however I’d like to keep using one language when talking here, for many reasons: centralized information, more people talking to more people, and so on…