Shapeshift for Cryptocurrency Donations

The reason I would recommend this is to help further the privacy that your donors will have. With this they would have the ability to donate using an alternative currency that better protects user privacy such as Dash. (

This would help protect them against an oppressive government who might profile them as a Kontalk donor.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Currently we don’t have any use for Bitcoins so we sell what we receive and convert it into real currency. We accept only Bitcoins because they are easy to sell and it’s just one currency to handle. Imagine if we’d accept every existing cryptocurrency: we’d have to maintain multiple wallets and find a buyer for each and everyone of them. We are a very small team and we don’t have time nor resources to do such a thing, at least not at the moment. Anyhow, I’ll bookmark the Shapeshift website, it might come in handy one day.

Actually that is the point of Shapeshift because it allows your donors to use the cryptocurrency of their choice but you would still receive it as Bitcoin.

As an example.

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Oh. And I’m doing too many things at once :smiley:
Thanks, I had a quick read and didn’t notice that at first. And it’s on a big font on the main page, wow.
I’ll definitely consider it then. Thank you again and sorry.

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Ha ha no problem I know, I couldn’t believe you didn’t see it. And don’t worry I understand you’re busy. Have a good one.