Setup kontalk server for private usage

Hello, can you guide me to setup my own personal server for family communication under Archlinux?

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Hello and welcome to the Kontalk community!

You can use the Docker instance, it is very easy to setup:

hello and tanks for Reply
i follow installatio step, this Error Accure:

$ ./launcher bootstrap
which: no in (/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/lib/jvm/default/bin:/usr/bin/site_perl:/usr/bin/vendor_perl:/usr/bin/core_perl)
Building images for branch staging (0cfc6683fab70e91c963d8fc785dac053303fa6c)
This could take several minutes.
kontalk/xmppserver:0cfc668 -error parsing HTTP 403 response body: invalid character ā€˜<ā€™ looking for beginning of value: ā€œ

403 Forbidden

\nSince Docker is a US company, we must comply with US export control regulations. In an effort to comply with these, we now block all IP addresses that are located in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Republic of Crimea, Sudan, and Syria. If you are not in one of these cities, countries, or regions and are blocked, please reach out to\n\n\nā€

how to fix it?


Are you in one of those countries? You need to reach Docker somehow. Try with a proxy server or a VPN.