Proposing Kontalk to the /e/ foundation to secure its future?

Dear Kontalk community members,

Kontalk would be a great addition to the /e/ foundation LineageOS-derived operating system and associated services. If you haven’t heard about it until now, it is a privacy-oriented Android together with NextCloud hosted services that are pre-configured. The foundation sells versions of the Fairphone with their /e/ version of Android pre-installed and supports a number of popular phones for those who want to give it a try. I did, and was impressed. However, they lack, to my knowledge, a secure messaging system and I believe Kontalk could fill that gap.

What do you think ? If /e/ foundation could contribute to Kontalk maintenance and further development, this could mean a bright and long-lived future for this wonderful app.

Thank you.


Hello @cosminribo and welcome.
As you can see from the delay in my reply, unfortunately I couldn’t give much time lately (nothing really but basic service maintenance) to the project.

Regarding /e/OS, from a quick search I can’t find a page where stock (preinstalled) apps are listed. Personally I don’t like pre-installed apps, maybe something like a builtin app for choosing the right apps for you would be better IMHO.