Prompted to delete account and reregister

Yesterday I was suddenly prompted to delete my account and had to reregister in order to being able to continue to use Kontalk!? My entire chat-history is gone now. Can anyone tell me why this happened?

The chat history is linked to the account.
If you delete your account, all chats will also deleted.

There is already a open issue on github for backup the chat history.

Sorry that I can’t tell you not a better answer :frowning:

There was a temporary problem on our server that caused that error to be showed. That has been fixed, I know the error was misleading, sorry…

alright, never mind :wink: keep up the good work!

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now I got that same error again… :unamused: … it also says, that it’s either a server-problem or most likely my personal key has been denied :frowning: (–> “Legitimierungs-Fehler” in german translation)

Upgrade problem, sorry. Ignore it, it’s fixed.

ok, had to restart services (“nachrichtenzentrale”). everything is working fine again, thanks