Problem importing key (invalid phone), requesting registration too (permanent spin)

Hello, I’ve reinstalled Kontalk (well, I wiped my phone, and then installed Kontalk) and I’m having trouble to import my keys or registering my number. When importing my keys, it says “Please enter a valid phone number”. When I try to register, it says “Requesting registration” and it stays there (spinning) for long time (10 minutes and then I cancelled).

I’ve tried both methods some hours later and the same issues happen.

Any hint?


When you import a key exported from an older version of Kontalk, you need to type the phone number in anyway (because it was not stored in the key zip before). But the server should accept the key blindly if it didn’t change in the meantime (that is, you didn’t register with another key).

About the waiting time, I couldn’t find anything in the server logs, could you produce a logcat of your attempts please?

When I tried to register again again, ready to send the logcat, it worked. I’m not sure what happened in between, i think I didn’t change anything.
Thanks in any case.

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