Please review New added FAQ

I just added a new FAQ (Is it possible to use a pre-existing XMPP/Jabber account of the form with Kontalk clients?)
Maybe someone want review it.

I also added a link from/to desktopclient help page to android help page into the side bar.

@abika I think we should the desktopclient help page split into more pages (FAQ,developement and so on) like for android clent. What do you think?

I can do that in smal steps from time to time :wink:


Thanks @webratte, the new question for Android is perfect.

I’ll leave to @abika the review of the desktop client wiki, but they seem good to me as well. And the idea of doing a more complex article structure also for the deskop client wiki is great, also subjected to @abika approval: I believe more structured and regulated projects are more likely to attract developers.

Since @abika not answered yet I will start the desktop client wiki structure adapt to the android client wiki in hope he will like it :wink:

Oh, thanks for the effort! I will reply within the next days when I have more time.

Hi @abika no hurry,
I have just did a few things with the desktopclient wiki.
Maybe you want take a look on it if you have time.

I think we also should build a single page for “Development” linked in the sidebar.
But in this case on the homepage will be nomore information :wink:

If you like you can write a few words about the desktopclient or some what.

Hi @abika Hi @daniele_athome,

Hi have just played around.
The FAQ page will grow up I think.

And I have just made a draft for a redsign.

What do you think?

Nice touch with the list of questions, thanks :slight_smile:
I’ve fixed a couple of syntax errors, but for the rest is ok. Also please remember to always use relative links where possible instead of hard-coding the whole URL. For example:

* [What is the personal key?](#what-is-the-personal-key)

That’s not possible every time, but please try and then use the full URL only when absolutely necessary.

You can apply the modifications on “Testpage” to the official FAQ page (can you do it for other languages as well?)

Thank you!

Thank you,
you absolutely right. Relativ links always the better solution.

And of course I will adapt all FAQ pages step by step if I have time.
I will start with the english version.

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Now we just need some more translations :wink:


Thanks @webratte!
I moved the development FAQs to a new page, too.

  • Updated FAQs a bit (with one new question).

If you have ideas for more information…
Otherwise it’s fine that way imo.

About the new FAQ questions:

Phone numbers are not stored because we use hashes of them throughout the network.

Please remove this sentence. We know its not true.

Yes, thats true. But I think it’s more the reason of not having many users in this case.

What’s wrong on this sentence? AFAIK there are only Hashes stored. I think @daniele_athome anwered this (old) question :wink:

But I know what you mean Hashes of Phonenumbers not really secure.

@abika you know much more about this tecnical things. Maybe you can find a better description.

If not, feel free to remove this sentence on your own :grin:

About the Homepage of the desktop wiki.
I also think it’s fine.

I will to the Developers FAQ also add a linked question list like on the “normal” FAQ page as soon as possible.
Thank you

Phone numbers and hashes are basically the same thing in different representations (unfortunately).
So the sentence is just wrong. We have to remove it. I’ll do it.

OK, thank you.
But in this case we should not to suppress this fact.

Because the question is:

Will you store any personal data on server?

What abaout something like:

Your phone number is your username. We have to store your (hashed) phone number to find other registered users.

It’s not only used to find other users. The (hashed) phone number is also your JID (=Kontalk address). It’s everywhere: in every message, public key and saved on server.
And “normal” people don’t know what a hash is. We may have to explain it(?). I don’t really know what’s the best thing to write here is.

What about to explain it like:
Your (hashed) -Linked to a Wikipedia article - phone number works similar to a email adress. Every message need to be adressed to find the receiver and to know who is the sender.
The same for Pub key. There have to be also a adress to know it’s your key wich it’s used for encryption.

And of course a list of all Kontalk users (only there hashed phone numbers and niknames) to find other users.

This is a only draft in Bad english :wink:
But maybe a Basis to work with it.

@abika What do you think about this?

The link to Wikipedia is a good idea. But the way your wrote it, it’s still not exactly true.

Well, yes. But does not have to be the (hashed) phone number. This is all about It would be honest to write:

Your [link]hashed[/link] phone number is publicly visible throughout the network.

I would like to mention phone number = user name.
What about this:

Your user name (your [link]hashed[/link] phone number) is publicly visible throughout the network.

Honesty is always a good idea :wink:

Why user name? It’s your Kontalk address.