"Personal key not verified" on all contacts

V. 4.1.4.(310) from f-droid: all my contacts when invited to chat show this error. After approval, everything works.

Bug or feature?

How can a user verify a key, so this doesn’t happen?

FYI: all contacts are kontalk contacts, registered with phone number and all.

I believe you bumped into the key verification feature.

When you first see a person, the app asks if you know about the public key that the other person is offering. This is called public key authentication.

Did I answer your question?

Thank you! I guess there’s 1. My lack of knowledge of how to use Kontalk or 2. UX issue or 3. both. Thanks!

Don’t worry, it’s most probably a UX issue. Explaining how public key works is not easy, if you have specific ideas I really would like to hear them.