Person A in group (not verified by B, but by C and D) receives all messages, but can't write

I’m not sure if it’s intended behaviour of Kontalk. Picture this: We have a group with 4 people. Person A hasn’t been verified by B, but by C and D. (Shall D be me, I have verified A, B and C.) Person A receives all messages send to the group, but she can’t respond because she hasn’t been verified by B.

Edit: Might also be a problem of not all persons using the same beta version. I’m investigating further.

Sending in groups is disabled only when outgoing verification is missing, not the contrary. I mean messages from A to B are blocked because A hasn’t accepted B’s key yet. Is this your situation?

A, B y C son amigos y entre ellos tienen Kontalk: solucionado. Pero si aparece uno nuevo D, que sólo lo tiene contactado A, entonces B y C le deben aceptar la llave para entrar en el grupo y él a ellos, etc.
Pero si la gente no tiene la versión actual (beta5), que contiene la opción de grupos, creo que NO hay grupo.
El asunto es que, muchas personas no se han actualizado porque esperan la actualización en Googleplay y en Fdroid, Los que tienen Fdroid lo actualizamos borrando la versión anterior (antes, hay que exportar la llave) ¿pero en googleplay también hay qué hacer lo mismo?
¿cuándo se puede instalar la última versión de Kontalk dentro de las tiendas?

A, B and C are friends and Between them they have Kontalk: solved. But if a new D appears, what he only has contacted A, then B and C must accept the key to enter the group and he (D)accept them, etc.
But if people do not have the current version (beta5), which contains the groups option, I think there is NO group.
The issue is that many people have not updated because they expect the update in Googleplay and in Fdroid, Those who have Fdroid, They updated deleting the previous version (before, you have to export the key)
but in googleplay Also it can do the same?
When can the latest version of Kontalk be installed inside stores?

Latest beta is currently available on both F-Droid and Google Play. While on F-Droid it must be manually chosen, on Google Play you have to opt-in to the beta program.
Anyway final 4.0 version is scheduled to be released this month.

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Ok, muchas gracias, estaremos atentos al lanzamiento y felices. No entendí “on google Play you have to opt-in to the beta program.” opt-in qué significa?

Ok, thank you very much, we will be attentive to the launch and happy. I did not understand “on google play you have opt-in to the beta program.” Opt-in what does it mean?

Hi Jorge,
that means in Google Plaý Store is a option to become a Beta tester. If you use this option you will get Beta versions automatically like normal versions.

I hope you understand what I mean.

Ok webratte. Muchas gracias, buscaré esa opción opt-in en googleplay, yo no uso esa tienda pero casi todos mis contactos la usan y les contaré