Open the forum for not registered​ users

I think it’s a hurdle to register for a simple question or answere.

Against spam we could use a chapta for not registered users.

And if there still too much spam we could revert it to the current state.

What do you think?

I don’t think it is possible with Discourse (did a very quick Google search, maybe there is a plugin?)

Besides, this is a community, not a guest book. As an added value, users can sign up very quickly by using a social account, without even having to confirm their email address or create a new password.

@tetris4 I’d like to hear your opinion on the matter. What does your community management experience tell you?

Interesting suggestion @webratte, am a sucker for these topics. :blush:

What is the assumption here? That there are people out there wanting to ask things about Kontalk who reach this forum but are not willing to take the time to sign in and instead go away? Or they are frustrated of having to sign in?
In other words, what would be the benefit here? What are we aiming for?

Have in mind we do have the social networks accounts for people that just want to ask a quick question or want some quick info without committing to the project by opening an account, and we do get occasional questions of this type there.

As @daniele_athome points out, people asking quick questions or looking for quick answers are not really considered members of a community. However, the way you facilitate this exchange could of course leave a positive impression of the project. So since they show interest, they should be treated as potential future members.

On the other hand, one would argue that raising the bar for people to join in a community increases the possibilities of them being committed to it.

Having said that, I strongly believe in trying things, testing, gathering feedback and adjusting accordingly. If spam increases, but there is also an increase in people contacting us (we would have to measure this in some way), consider keeping or dropping it depending on the impact. Additionally, one could follow up by asking these people if they are satisfied with the response they got and if it helped them to decide to use Kontalk, or continue using it if they are already users, etc. If that is a yes, then I would call it a success. Yet am not sure we have the resources to dedicate to this, or if it makes sense for a rather small community like ours here at this moment.

I don’t recall ever coming across such an option for Discourse though.

My idea was:
Sometimes I find in the internet a question I could answere.
But if I have to signe up to another service to help I leave this question unanswered.

The day of Edward Snowdon I deleted all my (all I could remember) unused accounts. And I’m not willing to sign up for new forums just to ask or answere one question.

BTW. I have no Facebook, Twitter G+ and what ever.
I love my privacy.
Thats why I use Kontalk :grinning:

Thats my point of this.

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I understand your point, but in regards to this forum specifically, I don’t think we have a problem with unanswered questions. There might be some delay in responses from time to time, but am pretty confident we respond to all requests. And it’s the same on social networks.
What we don’t know is if we actually have people that do not ask something here cause it requires login.

We also have accounts for Kontalk on the GnuSocial network via and also on, if you prefer those.

OK, if you think it will be not helpfull it’s OK for me.
I’m sure you know much more about things like this then me :grinning:
It was just a idea.

And about Twitter, Quitter or what ever.
I don’t like “social” networks in the internet.
In my opinion it’s a time killer :wink:

My social network is outside the internet. It’s called “let’s drink a beer and plan a motorbike tour” or something like this. And all without electronic devices.
We only need Kontalk to plan the meetings.

OK, maybe my Bike is a electronic device :joy:

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Ehehehe. Well, electronic or not, they are all tools, we get to choose (hopefully? :open_mouth:) how to use them.

Just to be clear, I never thought it wasn’t helpful, am just trying to develop on the idea and be more strategic in regards to how it would help.

For me, any idea that has in mind the best for Kontalk as a project and community is welcome and appreciated, so thanks for sharing and keep them coming! :slight_smile:

PS: I’ve moved this under the forum category, as it seems to make more sense there.

@teris4 Sorry, your right. I missunderstud your post. It’s related to my bad english.:kissing_closed_eyes:
Now google translater helped my to understand…

But still I don’t like to waste my time in “social” networks. :yum: