Omemo (again) and deleting files stored

just want to know how omemo is going?, are you really going to add it?,
and also a suggestion: if we delete something in a chat inside Kontalk app it should be deleted forever, but I see those files in my smartphone if I browse with some File manager.

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I also see in this new version some logs with Kontalk trying to connect to Google DNS server. Did you add something new?

Maybe the F-droid version is free of google stuff.

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That´s the version I´m using and why it´s strange.


The feature/omemo branch has a somewhat working implementation, but I’m having troubles finding some spare time to finish. It will be finished, I’m just not sure when yet, sorry.

That could be a nice setting to add, yes.

That is Smack doing, sorry. Smack uses MiniDNS on Android, which is configured to use hardcoded DNS servers by default. Unfortunately, Smack doesn’t expose anything to change it AFAIK.

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Thanks a lot!
I blocked Google DNS,s ipv4 and ipv6 with Netguard. I’ll check if it works well. If we try to avoid Google with this app then it’s bad.

It works well, it’s not needed, can’t you delete that part?. Sorry if it’s important in some other way.

Is it possible to avoid this DNS code in some way?. I see that it also tries to connect to many different servers. Shouldn´t it connect to the DNS server we use and configure in Android only?

Actually I can see it tries Google DNS first, then direct DNS resolution (that’s probably why you see so many DNS servers used, it’s probably starting from the root servers and going all the way down to the server host). As far as I can understand, the library is designed to be OS-agnostic so it doesn’t even try to detect the locally configured DNS servers (it’s different in every OS).

I can’t avoid this in Kontalk, but I could open an issue to Smack.

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Yes, exactly as you answered is what happened. First Google DNS, then root servers and then many others.
Thank you very much and yes, please: open the issue.

Do you know what could happened if I block all DNS servers that I’ll be receiving?, I hope that finally it will only use the DNS I use in my Android smartphone.
Do you know if this (Smack) is used in other messenger apps too (Conversations, etc)?.

It seems to stop from here…

I doubt it will use the system configuration. IIRC the library that Smack uses doesn’t rely on system configuration, at all (as a matter of fact, IIRC Android starting from version 7 or 8 forbids access to the system properties where the DNS servers are stored).

Conversation uses its own XMPP implementation, but I’m not sure how it does DNS resolution, I’ll have to check.

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Thank you Daniele!
I checked Conversations and sooner or later it connects to other DNS servers but I’ve never seen it connecting to Google DNS.

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