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this started 2 days (give or take) ago. I use the Kontalk Version from the Playstore. There where no Android System updates. Out of the blue, i get no notification about delivered messages. i have to open Kontalk and they silently appear.

Anybody else with that kind of Problem and/or maybe a solution?


What do you mean by “notifications about delivered messages”? Are you referring to android notifications for new messages or to the double check mark icons when sending a message?

If the latter, make sure your Android system is not killing the Kontalk process in the background.

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Hello @commandline and thanks for reporting.
There was a server-related issue with the interface to Google push notifications service. We fixed it this morning, it should all be working now.



thanks for clearing this up! I’m glad it got fixed!

I just had another message arrive with a 2 hour delay and/or no notification.

@commandline Have you checked what @tetris4 mentioned?

Especial if you use Android 7 (maybe Android 6 have this feature too)
Take a look to Apps-> Permissions (Gearwheel icon) -> special permissions -> ignore Battery optimazions.
There should Kontalk be “allowed”.

I’m sorry for my bad english. And maybe the english words are not absolutely correct.I tried to translated it from german as good as I could.
If you speak german, feel free to send me a PN for better understanding.

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It’s really hard to debug those issues. Usually it’s the system killing the app for energy saving policies, especially starting Android 6.0 but it also depends on the device manufacturer (e.g. Xiaomi, Huawei and OnePlus are known to blindly kill any process in the background without any criteria). We might be able to help by knowing your device model and brand and Android version.

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Let’s talk about similar problem. There is a bug when you are at this short moment when Kontalk goes to background. And if you receive a message at this time you will get no notification.

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Thanks for the reply. I doubt that it has something to do with Android Killing Kontalk because it started suddenly when i first posted here. I never had a problem problem before. I use the Google Play Version for a few Months now and never had a problem. Before that i was Happy with the F-Droid Version. Maybe i will go back to that.

Just today i had another Message send to me 4:15 PM and i “received” it 4:28 PM after opening Kontalk because i was expecting the Message. No Notification whatsoever. All other Messages that day had no problems. This really puzzles me.

My Device is a Moto G2 xt1072 with a Monthly LineageOS Build. I build it every Month as soon as the Android Security Patches for the Month are included. But as i said, it started of of the Blue (the ROM i use currently had no issue till i posted here. A new rom will be installed in a few days i guess. Depends on google and LineageOS).

And yes webratte, I speak Dschörmähn :wink: Kontalk is not Battery Optimized. I always do that since the F-Droid Version to make sure it works ok.

Can you please produce a debug log (Kontalk settings > Maintenance > Debug log) during these steps:

  • go to Kontalk settings > Network > Push notifications
  • set it to off
  • wait 10-15 seconds
  • set it to on again
  • wait 10-15 seconds and send the log via e-mail to the devteam address (it should be already filled in)

Thank you!!

Sorry for the late reply. Busy days. I got a log saved on my phone (just made it) and will send it as soon as i’m able. I don’t use E-Mail on my smartphone.

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I’ve checked the log, it seems that interaction with Google Play services is not working correctly. Do you have other apps that you know rely on Google push notifications? I’m thinking about something having to do with LineageOS, but I can’t know for sure… do you use actual gapps or do you use some other framework as a replacement (e.g. microg)?

As a workaround, you could try disabling push notifications and remain always connected (much like the F-Droid version), so you can continue to use it in the meantime.