New-er Kontalk icon

A very fine feature!
@Stanzi: if you get 3 Windows at Gimp-start, find the menu-entry: “one window” …


This is the ultimate icon I made hope you like it :wink:


Very sarcastic :joy:

Very nice! Thanks!

If you people didn’t know him, meet @Iconprojet, the author of the current Kontalk icon.


@Iconprojet Why not introduce yourself here: :slight_smile:

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@Iconprojet Simply fantastic!

Guys what you think ?

For me it looks like a Facebook pacman eats the Convesations app :smile:


Too many Google apps on your phone! :wink:

It looks good! My only thought is: Is it too shiny? All other apps are going towards flat design.

And it looks a bit smaller than the Allo-icon. As if it wouldn’t make use of all the available space.

@OffifialMITX Oh, it’s a reference to Conversations? I’d rather have it eat a walled-garden chat app (Whatsapp, Signal, etc.).


Same, it looks rather… weird to me.

Yes, @Stefan , because of the 3 points, I’d also like it better in the material design.

OK, it seems not to be a joke.
I thougth it was only @Iconprojet 's ironic answer to the current discussion about the current Kontalk icon…

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The idea was actually the message balloon coming out of the K… :grin:
And no, it’s not a joke, it’s the actual proposal for the new icon.

I have to agree with @OffifialMITX
It looks like Kontalk is eating Conversations :wink:

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Absolutely no reference to Conversations, it’s pure chance because the green balloon “being eaten” is actually the green part of the old icon, that’s all.

I have seen this, but still it looks so.

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Now I See the new Icon originally on my phone.

And I think I like it :+1:

Thanx @Iconprojet


I also like the new icon, but I also would definitly make no reference to another messenger (which it is in my point of view because of the 3 white dots), nor would I make it shiny but stick to a flat design (material design)!

I totally agree with @webratte, @OffifialMITX, @SylvieLorxu and @FranBran .

The old icon with flat design looks more professional. And the reference to Conversations (getting eaten) is a no-go and very unfair. In fact, I spend some time on compatibility with Conversations.

Sorry @Iconprojet, I appreciate your work on the new icon but it simply has it flaws.

@abika It’s not a reference to Conversation app! Conversation did not invent the balloon symbol…
If you see a reference is purely coincidental…