Need clarification for translation

Hi @daniele_athome
when will this be used?

In german there are more possible translations dependent of context.

Hi @webratte,
the link is not valid anymore. If you tell me the string key I can find it on my own.

I mean this string:
Kontext: person_me: Me

It’s the only not in german translated string.

For now that’s actually not used :slight_smile:
It will be used in direct reply when mentioning messages sent by the user (outgoing messages). Imagine this notification:

[contact picture] Alice
Hey there!
How are you?
> [you reply]

When you click send, it will become:

[contact picture] Alice
Hey there!
How are you?
Me: [your reply]

That’s the “Me” in person_me. But in the future it could also be used for other things such as exporting conversations to HTML or PDF files.

Thank you :+1:

Sorry I need min. 20 charters to post here. Maybe we should change this.

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