Merry Christmas 2017

It’s Christmas again and Kontalk is still alive :+1:

I know Kontalk since it was a very small messenger with less then 500 users, low text encryption and unencrypted picture sharing.

Now, a few years later it have strong encryption, location sharing and group chat.

I’m looking forward to the year 2018.
Hopefully we will get soon OMEMO for stronger compatibility with other XMPP clients.

How ever,
Thank you all for belive in Kontalk.

My special thanks going to @daniele_athome and @a.cappelli87 (e.g. developed location sharing)
And of course all other who helped with feedback or a few code lines.

This all makes Kontalk to what it is:
A small project with a great community and
ambitiously developers.

MERRY CHRISTMAS :evergreen_tree:


Merry christmas everybody


Thanks guys, happy holidays to you all. And thanks for all your feedbacks, reports, forum posts, patience and help in general :slight_smile:


It’s nice for me to see such an awesome project constantly going on and being slow yet unstoppable.

I can’t understate my satisfaction. And don’t forget, if you’re here in the first place, you’re awesome!

@webratte, alongside with the ones you named you did a quite good work yourself.


We are a small community, but it’s so satisfying to see there are people that care and put effort into making this project even better.

Best of wishes to everyone, I hope you are having a lovely holiday season. :christmas_tree: