Lost data after re-installing Kontalk client


I had a bug with Android version 4.1.3 (290). When selecting a conversation, Kontalk crashed. Same behaviour with all contacts, all conversation.
But notifications were steel OK, I was just seeing them when they were sent, and when clicking on it, app crahed.

So I decided to re-install Kontalk app (same version, the current one). I entered my phone number (same id) and selected "Lost my keys’ (or something similar, I didn’t remember).

My account was re-activated, everything seems to work OK, no more crash.

But all previous conversations was lost …

This is very sad, as I lost several years of conversation, including the ones with my wife which are the most precious for me ;)…

Did the re-installation purge all existing data ?

I tried to recover /data/data/org.kontalk to get the SQLite db file using adb, but backup is only 1ko with only a manifest file.

nb : phone is a Nexus 5, with Hammerhead, non rooted.

Thanks for any help.

I’m afraid it did.
I guess you had to export your key before uninstalling and installing it again. After re-install import your old key

Thanks for your answer.

Too bad for me. It would have never happened without this initial bug of Kontalk client…

Today I exported my new key with its password in a safe place for the next time it’ll occur. I’ll try to export db from the phone of my wife and at least extract our discussions, but I can not do this with all my contacts.

But overall, the big missing feature that would help me in this situation, would be an export messages feature.

I know this had been asked by many users, and I know this represents certainly lot of work. I hope it will be available one day, because I really don’t want to switch to whatsapp or other…

Your absolutely right.
There a many important things to do as you can see here:

The problem is there is only one active developer. @daniele_athome do the whole work.

I think we should find one or more developer who could help to speed up developing.

If you know somebody who could help with a few codelines he/she will get a warm welcome of the whole community :grinning:


If messages are so important you better use apps that can make backups. Threema, Signal and WhatsApp can. Or Use email