Kontalk with markdown support

Actual issue is https://github.com/kontalk/androidclient/issues/801

Hi, I just created this new issue https://github.com/kontalk/androidclient/issues/978
What do you think?[poll type=multiple min=1 max=3]

  • Yes, I would like Kontalk with markdown
  • No, I woudn’t like Kontalk with markdown
  • I don’t care
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If it should ever be implemented then definitely with an option to turn it off.


I would definitely enjoy this feature. As you can see it has already been requested:

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I can promise you if “yes” gets 20 votes I’ll move the issue from the “Future” milestone (which means “whenever I’ll have the time, maybe in the next century” :smiley:) to one of the 4.0.x milestones :slight_smile:

Would yu offer the same for OMEMO implementation to make Kontalk real compatible to Conversations?

In this case I would start a poll :wink:

OK, I thougt I can post a bounty for this.
And then I see there is already a open bounty with currently $ 10.


I also would like to pay $ 15 to start a speed up real compatibility with e.G Conversations.

But now I have a problem. They accept only Bitcoin or paypal. And I have no bitcoin or a paypal account.
Do you know a solution?

Thank you

BTW. We should spread this open bounty. Hopfully will get some more donation and maybe a developer who solve this :wink:

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Not that I know of. Maybe using another bounty service? What payment method would you use anyway?

There are definitely no other methodes.

I don’t know what you mean with “Maybe using another bounty service?”

But bank transfer or creditcard would be possible.
Or what else would be possible.

I could donate via creditcard on www.kontalk.net and you put it to bountisource.
OK, this would be complicated. But maybe it’s a idea if there no other way?

Getting a bit off topic here, but this would be a great way to get the community involved. Pick 3-4 feature requests and add them on a poll for the next milestone. I have been thinking for a while now that it would be nice to announce the key goals for upcoming releases, I actually just pinged you on IRC earlier today about this!

People could also donate to get additional votes, like every 5€ one gets 2 additional votes or something. :smiley:

Sorry, I actually got your message on IRC but couldn’t reply extensively at the time so I decided to take the time to reply now.

Some mandatory stuff that should be done in the immediate future:

  • Implement OMEMO or whatever advanced encryption we can
  • Timed messages (which is something very cool that no other app has)
  • Backup conversations and groups
  • Contact info screen (mainly because of security needs, e.g. fingerprint and all)
  • Some UI improvements such as #858, #75, #820, #864

I really like the idea of giving votes in exchange for a donation by the way!

And this is getting really off topic now :smiley: I’ll start a new thread right after releasing 4.0.1 which should happen anytime between tonight and tomorrow morning.


awesome, those improvements would be great. Also the Orbot support for Tor and the option to have an avatar should be on the TODO list.