Kontalk Messages from Server Administrators


On the App settings there seems to be the capability to receive messages from server Administrators.

However, I don’t seem to find any documentation on how such messages are broadcast on the dockerized server installation.
Is there a portal or something?

Currently there is no admin interface. You need to login via an admin account into the XMPP server using e.g. Pidgin or another XMPP client. An ad-hoc command will appear that can be used to send a message to all users.

Admin accounts are defined in init.properties (default is admin@domain). You need to create a personal key for it, you can use our certificate generator: https://github.com/kontalk/certgen (run it without arguments to see usage help)

More information on how to use a XMPP client with Kontalk here: https://github.com/kontalk/client-adapters