Kontalk Matrix discussion room

I have created a Kontalk chat room in the Matrix network. Maybe it is possible to bridge it with the IRC channel if it is desired?

Joined you there. :slight_smile:

The issue with matrix is that you can already use it as a bouncer to follow the kontalk IRC channel (I nowadays follow the irc channels I am active in via riot.im), which kinda makes the presence of a matrix room obsolete when an irc room already exists.

In any case, if it’s not too much trouble for @daniele_athome, I guess we could consider bridging it.

It seems I have to install something on a server… is there any service I could use?

I think it is possible to do this the opposite way. @buzz-dee can you try enabling the IRC bridge via the matrix channel settings?
This is the screen I get, but am not authorized to proceed:

I see that we need authorization from a channel operator. Tell me what I have to do on the IRC side.

I have sent a request to ChanServ. @daniele_athome contact me in the IRC channel.